Address, Karl-Schwarzschild-Straße 2, 85748 Garching bei München, Germany, Free Parking:
Date 4th of June, 2024
Time 9am - 7pm
Audience Researchers, spinoff founders, universities, TTOs, VCs, industry and ecosystem
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About the Summit

Welcome to the Spinoff Summit 2024, a one-day event co-hosted by First Momentum, SPRIND, and Cyber Valley that will support scientists on their journey from the laboratory to successful spin-off ventures.

With an invite-only audience of around 150 hand-selected researchers, spinoff founders, universities, TTOs, VCs, industry, and ecosystem players, this summit is a launchpad for innovation, inspiration, and invaluable connections. We will bridge the gap between academia and entrepreneurship through talks, workshops, 1-on-1 meetings, panels, and a poster competition.

This is a continuation of First Momentum’s successful Clueless No More online panels that were attended by more than 150 aspiring scientist founders and joined by VCs like Lakestar, Earlybird, and UVC, as well as research-driven founders from Wandelbots, DeepDrive, and Kipu Quantum.

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Speaker Highlights

Dr. Ingmar Hoerr (Co-Founder of CureVac) **

#biotech #ipo


Ingmar co-founded CureVac after his doctoral research revealed that naked mRNA can be expressed in vivo without rapid degradation, contrary to previous scientific beliefs. Additionally, he found that it could generate strong specific immune responses. CureVac raised approximately $800m in equity and grants, and it went to NASDAQ in August 2020. During this time, Ingmar contributed to over 30 patents.

Thomas Kirchner (Co-Founder of ProGlove)

#hardware #exit


Thomas started his company with his co-founders when he built a simple prototype for an intelligent glove for the Silicon Valley Ideas Contest “Intel Make it Wearable” in 2014. They combined ordinary work gloves with an iPod and cables. ProGlove went on to raise almost €49.5m and was finally acquired in 2022 at an estimated valuation of around €500m.

Dr. Michiel Scheffer (President of the Board of the European Innovation Council)

#grants #europe


Michiel has three decades of experience in business, academia and politics. He is equipped with a wide network in the world of research and innovation, having worked with over 20 universities, and more than 200 partners across the EU in large R&D projects. The EIC supports startups through non-dilutive funding up to €2.5m for innovation activities and dilutive funding of up to €15m for market deployment.


Date Agenda title Participants
9:30 AM → 9:45 AM Welcome Address Dr. Ana Koller (First Momentum), Barbara Diehl (SPRIND)
9:45 AM → 10:30 AM Keynote #1 Dr. Ingmar Hörr (CureVac)
10:30 AM → 10:50 AM 1:1 walk&talk Pre-registered participants only
10:30 AM → 11:00 AM Break All
11:00 AM → 1:00 PM Workshop One: Design Thinking for Scientists Thomas Kirchner (ProGlove), Founders
11:00 AM → 1:00 PM Workshop Two: From 0 to 100 from a legal perspective
→ IP transfer workshop by SPRIND
→ Power to the founders: Understanding fundraising from a legal perspective by YPOG Barbara Diehl (SPRIND), Dr. Benedikt Flöter (YPOG), Dr. Adrian Haase (YPOG), Scientists/Founders
11:00 AM → 12:00 PM Agora: Bridging Worlds - An Open Dialogue Between VCs and TTOs for a United Spinoff Ecosystems Host: Wolfgang Kerler (1e9)
12:00 PM → 2:00 PM Poster Session All
12:30 PM → 2:00 PM Lunch Break All
2:00 PM → 2:15 PM 1:1 walk&talk Pre-registered participants only
2:15 PM → 3:00 PM Panel: European Spinoff Ecosystem - Where we are and where we want it to be Host: Tom Nugent (Sifted) , Barbara Diehl (SPRIND) , Sebastian Böhmer (First Momentum), Dr. Fleming Bruckmaier (QuantumDiamonds)
2:15 PM → 3:00 PM Workshop: Sales & Commercialization Daniel Dippold (EWOR), Scientists/Founders
3:00 PM → 3:30 PM Founder Talk: How to get started? Dr. Stephan Herrmann (Reverion)
3:30 PM → 4:00 PM Break All
4:00 PM → 4:45 PM Fireside Chat: Navigating the European public funding landscape Michiel Scheffer (EIC), David Meiborg (First Momentum)
4:45 PM → 5:00 PM Deep Tech Napkin: What does it take to raise VC capital for hardware startups in 2024? Dr. Maximilian Ochs (First Momentum)
5:00 PM → 5:30 PM Fireside Chat: How to assemble a stellar team Dr. Michael Baumann (TWAICE), Andreas Fischer (First Momentum)
5:30 PM → 5:45 PM Closing incl. Poster Award Andreas Fischer (First Momentum), Alina Mendt (Falling Walls)
5:45 PM → 6:00 PM Planetarium Show All
6:00 PM → 7:00 PM Networking Drinks All